Bashing the Mommy Bloggers? Seriously?

By Shannon Gosney
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July 14, 2009

I recently read a post by another fellow “Mommy Blogger” about how there was a segment on called “Mommy Bloggers Cashing In.” I watched the segment and afterwards felt irritated and sick to my stomach. I found it AMAZING that one of the “Mommy Bloggers” they interviewed was Dooce, or Heather Armstrong. Ummm…. hmmmm… can we talk about a credible source? I mean, they’re talking about “Mommy Bloggers Cashing In” and then they interview one who “supports” her family through advertising on her blog? I wonder if Heather knew what the title of the segment was going to be?

First of all, I talk about products I receive from companies around the country. I receive free products, but they’re not really free, because it takes my time and my family’s time to review them and then write about them, as well as conducting giveaways for my readers. There have been a few companies that have not made it on my blog because it was not a product I felt strong about in a positive way or was just a really weird product that I didnt’ want to be represented by on my blog. If a company sends a product that is faulty, which has happened a few times, I give the company the opportunity to fix the problem. On both occasions (it’s happened twice), the companies resent new products to me, which were functional and I enjoyed using. I left positive comments about the products, as well as the customer service. In my opinion, products may break in the packaging or shipping process and as long as the company strives to take care of its customers and help them to have a good experience, then they are worthy of a good review.

My blog is not a tool that will be used to bash companies and their products, but to point out the wide array of products available to moms and parents out there, including the positive characteristics and benefits of using them. I leave good comments about the companies on most occasions, which are true and positive reviews. There have been a few movie reviews that I’ve conducted and didn’t enjoy that I have left negative comments for, but in a tactful way.

I think that there are those “crazy makers” that have the idea in their head that if they don’t get these opportunities then nobody should get them (in this case, the Mommy Bloggers). By the way, if I were offered a trip to take an all expenses paid Disney Cruise with my family or an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, you’d better believe I’d take it and I would probably write many good things about the experience as well.
P.S. Please notice the “Disclosure” button on my blog, as well as the Disclosure statement! If you are a consumer (i.e. lady who bought the car seat carrier) and buy a product based on one mommy blogger’s opinion and then don’t like it, deal with it! If the product doesn’t meet your standards, then be an active consumer and contact the company for a refund or a replacement product! It is your responsibility to be an active consumer and don’t blame your problems on mommy bloggers!

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