Watch Out Mosquitoes!

By Shannon Gosney
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April 30, 2009

The summer season is almost here! During the summer, our family loves to play outside, garden, take care of the lawn, play ball, or ride bikes. At the end of warm day, my husband pulls out the barbecue and heats up the coals. He loves to barbecue chicken, steak, hot dogs, potatoes, corn, asparagus…you name it (even pineapple is really good). We sit down at our patio set and eat. The sun begins to go down and the mosquitoes come out. I HATE mosquitoes! They really “bug” me! I’ll be looking up pest control methods that will help get rid of these disease-carrying insects. 

I love to be able to eat a good meal outdoors with my family – enjoying the fresh air. Then they start to hover. It usually starts with one and then multiplies in a short amount of time. Pretty soon, I find I am too busy swatting the mosquitoes away from me to actually sit and enjoy my meal. My kids freak out when the mosquitoes land on their skin (understandable). Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they carry the West Nile Virus as well. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a pest control company that can provide professional pest control services to get rid of these insects and protect your family.

The Mosquito Magnet is the answer to your problem. Thanks to the Mosquito Magnet, you can enjoy your summers and other days of the year without being bugged! The Mosquito Magnet is the #1 mosquito trap in America.

For the greatest effect, place your Mosquito Magnet at 30 to 40 feet away from living areas. Place it in an open area, preferably where the mosquitoes are breeding. Place the trap upwind from the breeding area, so mosquitoes are attracted to it. Be sure to place the Mosquito Magnet in the shade, as mosquitoes don’t like the heat of the direct sun.

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