GIVEAWAY – "Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox"

By Shannon Gosney
In Giveaways
January 21, 2009

I’ve had the opportunity to receive a Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox.
It is a really cute gift for the first time daddy (or 2nd time or 3rd time daddy, etc). The items are creative and can actually be used by daddy during diaper changing time. Great for a friend, family member, or daddy you know.

Here’s what you get:

Optional Step by Step Dad Humor Directions included with Inventory item checklist:

* Mask —toxic fume filter for when it doesn’t smell like roses.
* Goggles —for protection against your own mini version of Old Faithful.
* Patent Pending Poop Poncho —need we say more???
* Tongs —Several inches of steel separation between you and the little warm wrapped gift.
* Turkey Baster —for precision hiney washing.
* Ear/Nose Plugs –use with care.
* Pacifier — scream plug.
* Baby Wipes — for cleaning baby bottom and various parts.
* Diaper for newborn — cute as a kitten until it gets wet then it looks and smells like a sewer rat.
* Bio Hazard bag and rubber gloves —for quarantine containment of the nuclear meltdown.
* Emergency Formula Container– doubles as a PeePee cover for WeWe.
* Hand Wipes– to clean up afterward. (For Dad’s use only).
* Picture Frame — this is your badge of honor.



– Leave me a comment telling me what item you liked the best
– your email address

You must live within the United States (for shipping reasons).

For additional entries
– follow my blog
– twitter about my blog
– blog about the contest

Contest closes at midnight (PST) on January 29th, 2009. Winner will be announced on January 30th.

For a limited time only, get 10% off when you purchase the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox just enter coupon code “Ord0109” on good through January 31st.

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107 Responses to “GIVEAWAY – "Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox"”

  1. funstuff4babies says:

    What a fun gag gift for Dad!!

  2. mom2anutball says:

    Lol, I love the mask! My husband always says he needs one!!

  3. cdziuba says:

    How fun, I’d love to win.

  4. Sherry and Gena says:

    definitely the msak is the #1 tool in this set for any dad…know from experience!

  5. megari says:

    The bio hazard bag sounds like fun!

  6. Tiffany819 says:

    I love the goggles! lol This is an adorable gift for a new dad. I actually know exactly who I would give it to if I won. His first baby is due in May. Thank you so much for the chance to win this!

  7. *THE Disneyland Mom* says:

    I love the nose/ear plugs. My husband pulls the neck of his shirt over his nose when he changes poopy diapers. He looks like a masked bandit! I love following your blog!

  8. Darlene says:

    What a great gift! My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby and this would be perfect.

  9. NL6369 says:

    Without a doubt the mask. That is too funny. I have my niece’s baby shower coming up soon. This would be a fantastic gift for the very nervous daddy to be.

  10. Sandra says:

    This is so cute! It would be perfect to send to my nephew to open at the baby shower. When I was pregnant, he sent a present with his mom with a note saying why are showers just for girls? So this would be great, along with a copy of his original note that I’ve kept. I love the mask, too.

  11. Skip says:

    What an amazing idea. You should patent that! But i like the mask and the nose plugs. Its funny to watch my husband and brother-in-law change diapers cause they ALWAYS pull their shirts over their noses. Its hilarious!

  12. jdine says:

    I like the scream plug (pacifier) best.

  13. Molly K says:

    I would love this for my brother in law. He has NEVER changed a diaper in his life and couldn’t even stand being in the same room when I changed my kids diapers. This would be so funny to give to him. Thanks for the great contest!!

  14. Ordell Knot says:

    My favorite is the Turkey Baster. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Ordell Knot says:

    I followed.

  16. mverno says:

    the mask is cute

  17. supermax says:

    Turkey Baster

  18. Felicity says:

    I liked the turkey baster. When I saw this giveaway I thought it was what it said it was. Instead it is hilarious! I’d love to get this.

  19. idahomom says:

    The tongs are too funny

  20. ashley3721 says:

    The biohazard bag and rubber gloves is too funny!!

  21. caseydeuce says:

    My hub would love the biohazard bag and rubber gloves. For some reason he cant change a poopy diaper without getting some on him somehow!

  22. Jessica says:

    I think the tongs are cute to keep hubby from having to touch the explosive diaper!

  23. Karen says:

    Great Mask πŸ™‚

    ktgonyea at

  24. vboackle says:

    this is perfect for a new dad to be i know.

  25. Nikiblnc says:

    I like the mask.

  26. Kari says:

    My sister and brother in law just had a baby a week ago, this is perfect for him! I love the turkey baster, lol, what a fun gift!

  27. Kari says:

    Im a follower!

  28. Sonya says:

    The turkey baster is hillarious!

  29. Beth says:

    What a fun gift – love the biohazard bag and the goggles!


  30. Stacy says:

    Nose plugs for stinky first solid poops.


  31. Jill says:

    I think the tongs in the kit are so funny!!! There have been a few days where I would have liked to have them for my boys’ diapers!!
    jillk77 at aol dot com

  32. rosarita242 says:

    My favorite is the hiney washer:) I want to give this to my hubby. He never changes any of the diapers around here and with 3 kids it would help if he did

  33. Homemaker says:

    LOL!! This would be perfect for my brother who’s wife is having a baby in March. I would hafta say the turkey baster is the funniest thing in there…lol…I was wondering what the heck you would use that for? Well I know it’s not meant to really be used on the baby, but when I read it I laughed so hard…This is their second child and she complained how he wouldn’t change any diapers…so maybe this might give him a little hint and let him know that he’s not the only man who thinks diaper changing

  34. JD says:

    the Poop Poncho cracked me up

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  35. heaventrees says:

    The whole thing is so guy-goofy hilarious! I like the tongs.

  36. Victoria Arya says:

    The turkey baser…definately the turkey baster.

  37. the pearson c.a.s.t. says:

    speaking as someone with poop on their shirt as we speak…the poop poncho! thanks for the op πŸ™‚

  38. Sharla says:

    LOL, that would be so hilarious! They should make a grandpa diaper changing kit for when he babysits. (ha ha) I love the turkey baster. I mean seriously, why?? I love it though!

  39. Sharla says:

    I totally follow you. Yeah. Really. (Hey, why is my word below pouting? What’s up with that?)

  40. Karen says:

    The freak’n turkey baster rocks hard. This would be so great for my hubby, everytime the baby poos I hear “honey, baby needs you.” He actually tucks his nose into his shirt when I’m changing her, and if he does the changing he gags all the way through it. Thanks for the contest.

  41. Kyle Banderman says:

    The turkey baster is too funny!

    Thanks for the contest!

  42. POLLY says:

    Turkey Baster!!!

    hahahah…..good one!

  43. rosannepm says:

    I love the Mask for the toxic fumes

  44. rosannepm says:

    I follow your blog

  45. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    LOL I love the turkey baster…but not for tooshie washing. We've had to use one to suck a m&m out of our toddlers nose before.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  46. Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy says:

    I love the biohazard bag.

  47. Keely says:

    My favorite is the turkey baster, that’s too funny! And I know just the dad to give this to πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  48. The Dreamer says:

    The mask! My hubby gags every single time he changes a poopy diaper. πŸ™‚

    adams006 at hotmail dot com

  49. The Mom RD says:

    This is hilarious! My fave item is the tongs. πŸ˜‰

  50. TooMuchRock says:

    The turket baster, lol!


  51. shares says:

    loveit! i have a first time dad in mind, too=)

  52. Erin, maker of chimes says:

    My fav is tha mask. My bro gags when takes the trash out sometimes, so I simply can’t wait for their little one to get here so that I can watch him change a few diapers πŸ™‚ I’m such a mean big sister, huh?

    dinnertimechimes at aol dot com

  53. mogrill says:

    The turkey baster is great!!

  54. Dee says:

    This is sooo funny! My dad wont even change my son’s diaper b/c of gagging so I think the mask is great!

    I’m pregnant with number two but I would LOVE this for my best friend’s husband who is having their first baby in a month and a half! We’re giving her a baby shower in two weeks and this would be a big hit!

    Thanks for the chance!

  55. Ingrid says:

    When I saw this, the first person came to mind is my cousin. He and his wife just recently had their first child. The mask would be perfect for him as he had to call his wife when changing their son’s diaper. This would make a great gift for them. Thanks.

  56. Ashley says:

    The tongs are great! I can just see my expecting sis’s SO using them all the time.

  57. paula h says:

    I love the nose/ear plugs. This is so funny.

  58. Michelle says:

    lol Im cracking up. I gotta go with the tongs because I can just picture it.

  59. iggysaysno says:

    i can see my husband using the turkey baster!

  60. madden77 says:

    My favorite item is the toxic mask. My daughters friend is having a baby and they are always looking for gag gifts

  61. dhunt says:

    I love the mask!

  62. chromiumman says:

    patent pending poop poncho

  63. Purplemommi says:

    My favorite thing is the Mask. This would be great for my best friend. He and his wife just had their first baby. I hope I win so I can give it to him!


    ok this is a great idea and really the tongs are the hit- really moms need this too as a gag gift- you know those first time moms who thinks its all perfect and all

  65. Michw37 says:

    The biohazard bag is a great plus

  66. Shannon says:

    Th poop poncho, Bahahahaha! Love it!

  67. Emily says:

    The tongs!

    Thanks for offering it!

    princesslimey (at) gmail (dot) com

  68. nannetterya says:

    The Biohazard Bag would be great for my son in law who has just had his first baby.

  69. β€’Β΄.ΒΈΒΈ.‒¨¯`β™₯.Erin.β™₯´¯¨‒.ΒΈΒΈ.Β΄β€’ says:

    I’m cracking up! Why didn’t anyone get this for my husband, I wonder…He’d probably use the turkey baster to spray off my daughter. LOL πŸ˜‰

  70. β€’Β΄.ΒΈΒΈ.‒¨¯`β™₯.Erin.β™₯´¯¨‒.ΒΈΒΈ.Β΄β€’ says:

    Tweeted here:

    Thanks for the chance{s}!
    Feel free to stop by and enter my giveaway! πŸ™‚

  71. Nurse Mommy says:

    definitely the ear/nose plugs! We all needed those at one point! lol

  72. carolpie says:

    The mask or goggles! What a hoot!

  73. Teresa says:

    The ear and nose plugs makes me laugh. I can see my husband using those.

  74. wildflower00 says:

    the mask and picture frame are my favorite. How funny! I love this gift and would love to give it to mu husband who makes such funny faces when hes changing our son

    Thank you for being part of the Bloggy giveaway. texasgirl(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  75. Angela says:

    The mask is hilarious!

    My sister and husband are having their first in a couple of months–this is perfect for him!

  76. Audra says:

    What a perfect new daddy gift the mask just cracked me up!

    Thanks so much for the AWEsome give-oh-way! audrajjensen(at)msn(dot)com

  77. Susan says:

    Oh this is awesome! I like the Patent-pending poop poncho best!

    snkjohnson at gmail dot com

  78. *LeighLeigh* says:

    that is the best thing ever! LOL

  79. Chantelle says:

    i love the mask lolol! What a great prize! Thanks for sharing.
    chantellesabino at mac dot com

  80. Katrina says:

    Haha, I like all of them, but I think the mask is the funniest. πŸ™‚


  81. Reva Skie says:

    The turkey baster, I can just see a man trying to clean up a stubborn mess without getting their hands anywhere near it.

  82. cheap kim says:

    I like the mask. My hubby still puts his nose in his shirt when he changes the diaper. I am pg with #2- this would be a perfect gift for him!

  83. Ticopi says:

    I love the turkey baster…hahahaha.
    (my email is on my profile)

  84. klp1965 says:

    i like the nose plug πŸ™‚

  85. Danica says:

    This is hilarious! I love the mask and the goggles. Totally made me laugh.


  86. ShaunJoy says:

    This is a hilarious kit! I loved the nose plugs — that’s what my husband needs!

  87. DOODLEGIRL says:

    Tongs –Several inches of steel separation between you and the little warm wrapped gift.

  88. Gaitha says:

    I think the baster is GREAT!! lol


    I think the Patent Pending Poop Poncho is insane but much need.


    I follow u!

  91. bndraldy says:

    I love the mask! It might cut down on the gag/vomit factor! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  92. masonsgranny59 says:

    I heart the scream plug (pacifier) best.

  93. Swtlilchick says:

    The tongs is so hilarious and I can
    Just picture that in my mind.This
    is great I’ve never seen anything
    like it.Please enter me and thanks
    for the giveaway

  94. Swtlilchick says:

    I am following

  95. Kathy says:

    I like to tongs!! I can just see it now……

  96. Suzie G. says:

    I think the mask is funny and much needed!

  97. Tara says:

    lol I love this!!! This reminds me of my uncle.. He used to wear a real gas mask when changing diapers lol I love the mask.. so funny.

    cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  98. Amy says:

    Love the mask! hahaha!

  99. Heather says:

    The biohazard bag and rubber gloves are hilarious!

  100. esther says:

    the mask lol

  101. Julie says:

    We are loving the poop poncho!

  102. michelle says:

    I thought the goggles for Old Faithful was funny.

    michelle at northofthe49 dot com

  103. Jessica says:

    I love the poop poncho…We needed that a few weeks ago!

  104. Sandra says:

    The bio-hazard bag cracks me up!

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  105. paul says:

    The mask – definitely the mask!!

  106. taysmommy says:

    the tongs! I totally get a great mental pic!

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