6 Ways to Keep Your Houseguests Comfortable

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 14, 2017
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It’s summertime and that means it’s time to travel and keep your houseguests comfortable when they drop by for a long or short visit. In our home, it is definitely a challenge sometimes, but it is doable. With our blended family of 8, including 6 kids, we have 3 bedrooms, but we still manage to keep our guests comfortable when they visit. Check out these 6 Ways to Keep Your Houseguests Comfortable.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Houseguests Comfortable

1 – Prepare – When we know houseguests are coming, we all jump in and work together to prepare. This may mean cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the house again or doing laundry. It’s always super important to make sure that your houseguests have clean and fresh bedding and linens, as well as a clean bathroom to use. Be sure your houseguests have comfortable pillows to sleep on. You may even consider offering them a few pillows to choose from. Preparing will eliminate any potential discomfort your houseguests may have.

2 – Space – When we have houseguests stay with us, we try our best to ensure that they have their own space. This may mean they stay in a room by themselves or even in our living room where our family members will give them their space. It’s nice when I’m a houseguest to have my own space, even if that means my own couch.

3 – Food – When we have houseguests, I like to stock up on some of the foods they really enjoy. This may mean stocking up on a particular brand of coffee or creamer they like, or maybe even buying ingredients to make a dish they really like. It also means steering clear of foods they are allergic to or can’t have. I like to have lots of different social snacks (snacks you can eat while socializing like crackers, meats, cheese, etc) on hand for when houseguests arrive.  

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4 – Accommodate – When your houseguests are staying with you, it’s important to make them feel as welcome as possible. This may mean you need to turn up the heat to make it a little warmer, turn the fans up to make it a little cooler, watch a certain show they like or listen to a certain type of music they enjoy. Your houseguests will appreciate your desire to accommodate them and make them feel comfortable in your home.

5 – Technology – In a day and age where we have technology all around us, both Frank and I have found it very important to teach our houseguests how to use the technology in our home. This could be the television, gaming stations, remote controls or microwave. Our houseguests have found it very helpful when they know how to use them right off the bat instead of trying to figure out how to use them. You’ll also want to provide the WI-FI user name and password for your houseguests so they have access to the internet on their devices.

6 – Bed – How many times have you stayed as a houseguest and left with a super sore back. That is definitely no fun and deters you from enjoying future stays. I’ve slept on different air mattresses when traveling and it is no fun when you wake up in the morning to a deflated air mattress! What if I told you there is an air mattress that STAYS INFLATED over night! That’s right! I’m talking about the Fortech 17″ Queen Airbed with Built-in Alwayzaire Pump and 3 Preset Comfort Levels, available at Walmart.

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Fortech 17″ Queen Airbed with Built-in Alwayzaire Pump and 3 Preset Comfort Levels

  • This queen size airbed measures 80 in. x 60 in. x 17 in. (2.03m x 1.52m x 43cm).
  • Safety valve makes it easy to inflate. Includes built-in 110-120V~ electric AlwayzAire pump (ETL approved) that monitors and maintains air pressure continuously.
  • Inflates in 150 seconds.
  • Great for indoor use, with canvas-feel fabric top, outside and bottom.
  • Unique rib and surround frame design offers advanced support and helps to eliminate roll offs.
  • Clear, user-friendly pump panel.
  • Easy one click operation.
  • Three options for airbed firmness.
  • Internal sensors detect air pressure continuously and silent pump engages to maintain constant firmness.
  • Soft back light easily displays the level settings even in a darkened room.
  • Designed with sturdy Y-beam construction, to be rigid and stable.
  • Includes one airbed and one travel bag.

Your houseguests will appreciate you taking the time to make them comfortable in your home, so be sure to prepare. We’ll definitely be preparing for houseguests this summer in our home!

What tips do you have for preparing for houseguests?
What do you like about the AlwayzAire Airbed?

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  1. Cynthia R says:

    That’s the best air bed I’ve ever seen, it’s nice and high off the ground too, some older guests have a hard time getting from floor level and up.

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