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By Shannon Gosney
In DVD Reviews
Mar 19th, 2010
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We recently received “The Princess and The Frog” on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.  It was an adorable movie, but I think I liked it more than my boys did!  I loved Princess Tiana!  The movie was fun to watch, but Dr. Facilier made me uncomfortable to watch (it was like Ursula in […]...
By Shannon Gosney
In Movie Review
Mar 7th, 2010
This past Friday night, George and I were able to have a babysitter watch the boys so that we could go to the movies.  George has been wanting to see the movie, “Avatar” in 3D, for a long time.  Fortunately, it was still available at AMC in Seattle.  Let me tell you… was SO GOOD!!!  […]...
By Shannon Gosney
In Movie Review
Feb 27th, 2010
A few weeks ago, George and I went on a date – woo hoo!  We were trying to figure out what to watch at the theater.  We try to stay away from R-rated movies, so our choices were limited to 3.  The movie we decided to try out was “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.” […]...
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