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By Shannon Gurnee
Aug 15th, 2013
When I was a young, red-headed girl, I loved watching The Little Mermaid!  In fact, I just happened to have a crush on a boy named Eric at my school, so you can imagine how much I loved The Little Mermaid, which had a redhead and a dark-...
By Shannon Gosney
Mar 29th, 2013
I love makeup, but have not heard very much about the art of the cosmetic airbrush.  How would you like to have a flawless makeup finish?  TEMPTU delivers that option to you!  Their first breakthrough formula first turned heads in the 1981 cult classic...
By Shannon Gosney
Aug 5th, 2012
MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 2012 No listed parties   TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2012 – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (PST) #Smores – RSVP HERE Hosted by @themotherhood Prizes:  (1) Outdoor firepit and skewer set; (1) Gift basket filled with HERSHEY’S ...
By Shannon Gosney
May 24th, 2012
I remember being a little girl, finishing with my bath, and my mom using the Q-tips to get the wax out of my ears.  I remember getting ready for Winter Formal in high school and dipping a Q-tips in nail polish remover to fix a tiny smudge on my finger....
By Shannon Gosney
Oct 10th, 2009
Since high school, I’ve used the same brand of makeup. I’ve also used liquid foundation for ten or more years. I was recently introduced to e.l.f. Mineral Makeup (“e.l.f.” stands for eyes, lip, face).  I LOVE their makeup a...
By Shannon Gosney
Jul 29th, 2009
I am constantly hearing about women who have had cosmetic surgery done to look better and feel better. I never really thought about men having cosmetic surgery done. I was introduced to a company that performs both Female and Male Plastic Surgery. I ha...
By Shannon Gosney
May 3rd, 2009
When a young woman is getting ready to go to a dance, it’s a time of excitement! She wants to find a dress that is both affordable and looks good on her! At AMI Clubwear, you will find several types of formal dresses for a good price. You’l...
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