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By Shannon Gurnee
Nov 12th, 2017
This is a partnered post with Butterball. Growing up, I remember my mom waking up early Thanksgiving morning to start the day-long process of making Thanksgiving dinner. From homemade stuffing to sweet potato casserole to a juicy, golden Butterball tur...
By Shannon Gurnee
Sep 17th, 2017
In our home, we have 6 kids and 2 adults – all of whom actively use the internet on a regular basis. With that being said, protecting our family while using the internet is of the utmost importance to us as parents. After all, we want to keep our...
By Shannon Gurnee
Sep 15th, 2017
I feel like it’s safe to say that each of us has been affected someway by cancer. Whether it was battling it ourselves or watching a loved one battle it, I think we all agree that cancer sucks! There are so many different cancers out there and on...
By Shannon Gurnee
Jun 13th, 2017
I’m not sure about you, but I feel a little nervous when I walk at night and would much rather feel safe at night. Whether it’s running out to the front yard to put trash in the trash can or walking from the grocery store to my car, walking...
By Shannon Gurnee
Nov 19th, 2016
     One of my favorite times of the year is Thanksgiving. There are so many great things that happen around this time of year. First off, we celebrate my oldest son’s birthday around Thanksgiving. He was actually born the day afte...
By Shannon Gurnee
Jul 14th, 2016
It’s summer time and that means a lot of time in the car and RV traveling to fun places! Let’s also not forget about all the running around we do as a family during the rest of the year! Each of our 6 children have a tablet, but they can on...
By Frank Gurnee
Mar 2nd, 2016
At the beginning of the year, Shannon and I went to CES 2016. It was Shannon’s first time and there were a lot of awesome brands and products we were introduced to for the first time. One of those brands was Remocam, Inc. Remocam is the developer...
By Shannon Gurnee
Feb 4th, 2016
From the moment you find out you’re welcoming a child into your family and home, you want to do everything you can to protect him or her. I remember how important my children‘s car seats were from the time they were newborns coming home fro...
By Shannon Gurnee
Jan 9th, 2016
  If you follow my blog or social media channels, you know that my husband and I have six children between the two of us. Our kids love to use technology (I wonder where they get that from)! In fact, each of our six kids have their own tablet and ...
By Shannon Gurnee
Aug 14th, 2015
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It’s hard to believe that school is just around the corner, right? When I was a kid, they were just introducing desktop computers to schools. However, our kids are now learning how to use computers as early as Kindergarten! They learn to search o...
By Shannon Gurnee
Jul 19th, 2015
We love to travel in our family! I personally don’t know what I ever did without having a GPS system. Oh wait, I used to print out maps online and use the Thomas Guide and had no really effective way to get around traffic and congested areas when...
By Shannon Gurnee
Apr 10th, 2015
  We love to eat pizza in our family! Heck, since purchasing our Blackstone Pizza Oven, we’ve been enjoying a lot more pizzas a lot more often! Not to mention the money it’s saved us as well – saving us more than half the co...
By Shannon Gurnee
Nov 18th, 2014
When you and your children get into the car, what is the first thing you do?  I don’t know about you, but I help them buckle up (if they’re younger) or I make sure everyone is buckled up.  We don’t leave until everyone is. &...
By Shannon Gurnee
Jan 15th, 2014
This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Happy New Year!  How would you like to start the New Year with new gear?  Let me introduce you to Zubie, one of the hottest new tech p...
By Shannon Gurnee
Dec 13th, 2013
  This holiday season, there will be any tweens and teens who will be asking for a smartphone as the #1 item on their holiday wish list.  As parents, we want to give our children the independence of having a mobile phone without the worry of overuse, e...
By Shannon Gurnee
Dec 13th, 2013
Baking and cooking, cleaning and freshening, personal and baby care, fun for kids.  What do all of these daily tasks have in common?  They all are daily tasks in which you can use ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda.  I know that in our home, I...
By Shannon Gurnee
Dec 1st, 2013
Tis the season for online shopping.  I know that this holiday season, Frank and I will be making a lot of our purchases online.  Yes, I used to love waking up super early and heading to the store on Black Friday when I was younger, but not so...
By Shannon Gurnee
Nov 15th, 2013
The holidays are almost here and there is gonna be a whole lot of baking going on in our home.  Not to mention a running furnace and a lighted, live Christmas tree.  Like many families out there, we’ll be running our heater a lot more t...
By Shannon Gurnee
Sep 1st, 2013
This summer, I had an amazing experience participating in the AT&T “It Can Wait” blogger campaign.  One of the things I love about social media is the opportunity to spread the word and encourage participation in programs or causes...
By Shannon Gurnee
Aug 30th, 2013
If you follow my blog, you know how much I love Twitter Parties!  You also know how important it is to me that we keep our family, friends and those around us safe while we’re driving.  How do we do that?  We don’t text and drive!  Well, Sp...
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