What Honeymoons Will Look Like After COVID-19

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 3, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about what honeymoons will look like after COVID-19.

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Plenty of couples have had to rearrange their wedding plans this year thanks to the impact of lockdowns, quarantines, and other health and safety guidelines to stem the spread of COVID-19. Many newlyweds have to hold off on their honeymoon as the world waits and sees what 2021 will bring.  

While many couples are optimistic that they’ll be able to travel in the coming year, the question still stands: what will honeymoons be like in the wake of COVID-19?

From quiet country getaways to all-inclusive vacations in Barbados, we’re here to tell you what to expect from honeymooning in a post-pandemic world.


With COVID-19 in full swing, it can be challenging for couples to jet off to some distant vacation destination. While prices might be lower, it’s not always easy to find a seat thanks to social distancing requirements and passenger caps. Fewer than half the number of people flying last year did the same in 2020.

Currently, most airlines are enforcing strict health and safety standards for those onboard. Many screen passengers to ensure they aren’t displaying COVID-19 symptoms and haven’t been in contact with any infected individuals. Some have also implemented temperature checks for staff and passengers.

Almost all airlines require passengers to use masks for the flight duration, though some will allow masks off for eating on board. Some have new food and beverage policies, such as eliminating snack and beverage services for safety reasons. Many airlines are also strict about sanitizing high-traffic surfaces. 

Once COVID restrictions begin to lift, you can expect to see more flights available, though prices aren’t likely to stay as low as they are now. Many airlines will probably keep up with the strict sanitation policies they’ve implemented since the start of the pandemic. Similarly, we probably won’t see the mask rule go away for some time. It’s also likely that companies will continue to require health assessments to ensure passengers aren’t contagious.

Once vaccinations are widely available, some airlines are planning to require proof of inoculation before booking tickets. Next year, Honeymooners may have to present a “vaccine passport” if they want to travel out of the country.

Before making plans, it’s best to check the latest news from the CDC or the WHO to see what guidelines and restrictions you may have to follow in different regions. You should also check with different airlines and airports to hear their latest COVID-19 policies.


With COVID around, most resorts and hotels have made cleanliness a top priority. They aim to keep both guests and employees safe by enacting policies such as masks in communal areas, temperature and wellness checks, and frequent sanitizing around the premises. Some even provide guests with PPE packages alongside their traditional free toiletries.

Hotels and resorts worldwide are implementing new procedures and technologies to limit face-to-face contact between guests and staff. You can find convenient digital checking options as well as modified room service schedules in most high-quality lodgings.  

While some resorts may relax health and safety standards post-COVID, many are likely to keep staff and guest hygiene protocols in place. Couples who plan on staying in a resort or a hotel for their honeymoon should check current COVID-19 policies before booking. It’s also a good idea to check what activities are available, as venues may continue to enforce social distancing even after safety restrictions have been eased.


With COVID-19 around, many once-popular activities are no longer on the table. Many places have closed down venues such as restaurants, movie theatres, and nightclubs to help enforce local regulations. Even after COVID-19, many people are likely to continue opting for safe, socially distanced activities instead of tightly-packed crowds.

Many honeymoon destinations are capitalizing on this trend by offering experiences catered to small, intimate groups. Couples can enjoy outdoor or patio dining, or they can even opt for a pre-packaged picnic.  

Some destinations offer romantic activities for just one or two people at a time, including private movie screenings, no-contact sports, masked couples massages, and more. Destinations such as all-inclusive vacations in Barbados will often have plenty of safe outdoor activities available for booking, from ocean watersports to tropical hiking.

In Conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on plenty of peoples’ travel plans, including newlyweds looking to celebrate their honeymoon. With the promise of a vaccine on the horizon, though, more people than ever are optimistic that they’ll be able to travel in the coming year.  

If you’re thinking about planning a post-COVID honeymoon, it’s a good idea to keep in mind what to expect when it comes to travel, lodging, and entertainment.

Whether you’re looking at secluded Mediterranean villas or all-inclusive vacations in Barbados, a little bit of research and planning can go a long way towards making your honeymoon a success.  

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