The Thought that Counts: 6 Housewarming Gifts to Consider

By Shannon Gurnee
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October 4, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 6 Housewarming Gifts to Consider.

Housewarming Gifts

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In life, it is inspiring to witness every milestone achieved by the closest people to your heart. One of the best milestones by your friends is owning a new house is one of those. Reaching that far is a big thing, and to be invited to their housewarming celebration means a lot. From their humble beginnings up until the day they fulfill the biggest dream of their lives, you’re part of something special for them.

As an appreciation of their success, it is also nice that you give a present to them. A gift that will recognize the fruit of their hard work regardless of how small or big it is. Now, if you’re up to know more what are the best housewarming gifts to get for someone, the list below will help you.

Kitchen Appliances

The best way to pick a gift for someone is first to consider what their hobbies are. Through that, you will hit the happiness that they desire. For example, if they love cooking, then give them something that is in line with kitchen stuff. When we talk about kitchen stuff, you are probably thinking of giving them huge kitchen appliances.

Note that giving them gifts can be considered classic and very satisfying, especially for a new homeowner who loves to collect kitchen wares. If that’s the case, a pepper grinder is a great house warming gift. You might be thinking that it may be a simple gift to give to someone, but it’s still a big thing.

However, note that there are different models of grinders that are only suitable for salt and pepper. So, make sure to search and look for the best spices grinder and refer to since it is a site that offers a variety of models for salt and pepper mills. If that’s the case, then be careful about choosing one because it can be the same gift as others.

Personalized Cakes

There is nothing more special than giving someone a precious gift that you made for that person in particular. Upon doing this, there are a lot of ways where you can make it possible β€” creating personal letters, sketches, and more. However, nothing beats the idea of baking goods such as personalized cakes for a gift.

Note that the process of making a personalized cake takes time, and the time you invest in creating it is enough to touch someone’s heart, how much more to witness the output of it. So, never hesitate to consider this idea as a gift. You can also couple it with a coffee flavored whiskey or scotch which you can get from a Premium Scotch Deals supplier.

Welcome Doormat

You may wonder why a doormat should be considered a housewarming gift when its function is only to clean and remove the dirt from homeowners’ or visitors’ shoes. Also, the fact that it is not that costly, because it only uses inexpensive materials, will always give you a second thought.

However, note that it is very welcoming to see a welcome sign in each doormat in front of the door’s house, especially for visitors. That’s why considering a welcome doormat as a housewarming present is a good idea.

Add-Ons for Kids

Usually, housewarming parties are mainly based on adults as well as the presents packed by guests. However, the growing family who hosted the new house’s welcoming party has kids that need to be considered when choosing a gift for them.

Therefore, when preparing your gifts, never forget to include some add-ons for kids. Do not just go there thinking about how the new homeowner would appreciate your gift. Instead, show up while bringing something for little ones.


If you are planning to give a gift that looks luxurious and classy to everyone’s eye, then chandelier is a perfect choice for that. However, if you think that chandelier is expensive and you can’t afford this type of gift, just remember there are ways to save more upon purchasing it.

For instance, you already know that your friend will be having a housewarming party, and you are one of the guests. So, start eyeing for chandeliers in various shops ahead of time. Try to compare and contrast the prices. At the same time, ask if they will be having a sale before the event’s target date.

Home Furniture

The idea of purchasing modern furniture is practical and caring for a housewarming gift. Whenever they meet in the living room and have some leisure time as a family, they will always remember who gave them the furniture. However, because much of the furniture is pricey, this will require a significant amount of cash. So, if you have a decent budget for this, then never forget to keep it in mind.


It is very rewarding to see the achievements reached by the closest individuals in your life. To be invited and be there means that you are one of the special people who are worth experiencing this special occasion in their lives. Note that, regardless of what type of gift you will bring, it’s not important since it’s always the thought that counts.


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2 Responses to “The Thought that Counts: 6 Housewarming Gifts to Consider”

  1. Personalised cakes are such a wonderful gift to give, especially for a house warming gift! With boxes all over the place, eating cake will help take minds off the unpacking! Sim x

  2. Kevin says:

    I always give a doormat as a house warming gift. You can personalize it on sites like Zazzle and it has always been well received ( and it is easy to monitor if they liked it as you will be able to see it every time you visit :))

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