5 Things a New Piano Student Needs

By Shannon Gurnee
In Music
May 11, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about 5 things a new piano student needs in partnership with Musician Authority.

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Growing up, music always played an important role in my life. Whether it was listening to music on my record player, cassette player, or stereo in my room, I constantly had it playing. Music went on to play an important role in high school, when I performed in both Show Choir and sang in our church’s choir. Music made me feel happy and hopeful – like I could take on the world.

For a long time, I not only sang, but wanted to learn to play the piano as well. I remember my dad and stepmom giving me a mini keyboard that I could play songs on when I was a little girl. The keyboard even had different settings where I could learn to play songs with its light up keys guiding me. My mom and stepdad also had a piano that my grandma tried to teach me to play. I practiced a lot and got to the point where I was able to play some songs by ear (just the individual notes) and a few chords here and there. I learned the place of the different notes with “Every Good Boys Does Fine” (which apparently is different now?) and had a goal to play Canon D like a professional. Well, unfortunately, I never quite got there.

However, in my 30’s I decided to pick it up again. Unfortunately, with work and running my own business, it left me little time to learn the piano. It is however, definitely something I would love to start up again in my 40’s – provided I get extra time to do so at some point in my life – ha ha! With everything going on in the world right now, learning to play the piano (or any instrument) is a great thing to do and can have many benefits. So, what do you need to get started?

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5 Things a New Piano Student Needs

Piano (or Digital Piano)

When we were living in a smaller home, we didn’t have a whole lot of room. Instead of buying a piano, we bought a digital piano. It is definitely different than a regular piano, but if you are limited on space (and money), it is definitely a great option to go with. We chose the Alesis Recital Pro and love it! In fact, we still play on it from time to time. This digital piano features a premium hammer-action keyboard with adjustable touch response, so it feels almost like an acoustic instrument. Its 12 onboard voices can be split or layered to add spice to your performance, and they sound great through integrated 20-watt speakers. The Recital Pro’s keyboard can be divided into two zones with the same pitch and voice, making it ideal for lessons. Learning rhythm and timing is a breeze, thanks to a built-in metronome, and Record Mode enables you to record and play back your performance. You also get onboard effects, a sustain pedal input, and a headphone output for private practice.

Piano Stand

If you are purchasing a digital piano or keyboard, you will want to make sure you also get a stand. This will allow you to position the digital piano so that you can use a bench to play the piano rather than playing it on your lap or on a table. This is definitely a closer feeling to that of playing an actual piano.

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Piano Bench

To go with our piano, we purchased a Piano Bench, but ideally I would like to get one in the future that has storage in the chair. Amazon has a lot of good options, including a Black Ebony Wood Leather Piano Bench Padded Double Duet Keyboard with Seat Storage. When shopping for one, I wanted to choose a bench that looked both comfortable and matched the color of the piano.


If you have the ability to practice in privacy with your digital piano, I would recommend you get a pair of headphones. This is beneficial for you (and everyone else in your house). Be sure to choose a pair that fit comfortable on or in your ears. Having a long chord that connects your headphones to your piano is also a good idea!

Transparent Plastic Removable Piano and Keyboard Note Stickers

When I was taking private music lessons, these were actually suggested to me by my Piano teacher to help teach me the keys on the piano. They are nice because they are easy to put on and remove. Brand new features: Keysies® are now made from double coated polyester, meaning that the print is now encapsulated within the stickers themselves. This means that you can have the luxury of the notes at your fingertips, where a pianists eye is naturally drawn, without the print wearing off… ever!. We have also improved the adhesive, and we have rounded the corners of the stickers off to avoid any peeling. Keysies® now also come with a little wooden stick, to help you apply your Keysies!

Music Books

When you’re learning to use the piano, it’s important to have a variety of music books on hand to practice with, as well as an instructional music book that can help you when your teacher isn’t there to help. For the music books, I would suggest purchasing “Beginner” music books when you’re learning to play the piano. The piano books I found included Hal Leonard My First Classical Song Book For Easy Piano and 150 More Of The Most Beautiful Songs Ever (Easy Piano).  For the instructional music, I suggest Adult All-In-One Course: Lesson-Theory-Technic: Level 1. I purchased all of these books on Amazon. You can also find music online that you can download and print.

Now that you have some of the basics to get started as a musician, you’re on your way to learning to play the piano. Have some fun with it!

Do you play the piano? What other items would you recommend to get started?

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