Build Your Relationship with the Bonding Bees Date Night Subscription Box

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 8, 2017
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Dating is a necessary part of any romantic relationship. Whether you’re just dating or already married, dating helps to build the bond of a couple. Bonds are strengthened through new experiences and essentially creating new and lasting memories. While you can go to the movies or go out to a restaurant for a date night, why not change it up and try something new? I never would have thought of a Date Night Subscription Box until I was introduced to Bonding Bees and I think it’s pretty cool!

I like the Bonding Bees Subscription Box because it’s something new every month and it’s a surprise! The goal of the box is to help couples keep their relationship a priority and make it easier to spend one on one time together. In this month’s box, the theme was “A Night in Paris, The City of Love.” 

#BondingBees #DateNight #blog #blogger #ad

A Night in Paris, The City of Love – Bonding Bees Items

Theme – Communication will be key to this Paris inspired date night.

Picture Perfect – Enclosed you’ll find 2 canvasses, paint and some sample paintings. Bring out your inner Picasso as you paint a picture – the extra challenge is to communicate and work together so that both of your paintings make one big picture. The sample paintings are just meant for inspiration, feel free to use one of these pictures to come up with something simple and meaningful to you both! Make sure to post a pic and tag Bonding Bees so they can see your awesome results!

The French Connection – Practice your French as you match French words with the English translation and learn why French is known as the language of love.

What’s Your Love Language? – Bonding Bees provided instructions and details to discover your love language and understand how to best communicate with one another. Hopefully you have that “aha” moment and realize ways to improve together!

Who Wants Dessert? – They’ve included all the goodies needed to enjoy some yummy and romantic fondue together. Just put the chocolate chips in the fondue set, light the candle, and wait for it to melt. For faster results, you may want to heat in microwave first.

Recipe Card – Bonding Bees included a fun recipe to make the popular French crepes. Most ingredients you probably already have, but if not, feel free to make these another time. They’re a lot of fun and really good! Warning: I suggest letting the batter sit for an hour, so just give yourself enough time.

Pictures are worth a thousand words – The magnet included in the box was a bonus gift for this month.

#BondingBees #DateNight #blog #blogger #ad

How Do I Sign Up?

Head to Bonding Bees and sign up for the monthly plan (you can cancel at any time) or pay up front for more dates to save a money! Each date is designed to help you grow and experience new things together. Receive $10.00 off a box by using the code THEMOMMYFILES10.

What is the Goal of the Box?

GATHER for one night a month, leaving your phones, tv, and stress to the side. Now is the time to focus on each other and spend real, quality time bonding.

GIVE to each other by investing your time in date nights. PLUS, every date you enjoy helps us sponsor children struggling in poverty. It’s a win/win!

GROW through our customized date nights. They’re designed to help you learn more, and even challenge each other, while rekindling the spark and growing your love.

Be sure to check out the Bonding Bees Date Night Subscription Box and build your relationship! Remember, save $10.00 off with code THEMOMMYFILES10.

What do you like about the Bonding Bees Date Night Box?


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