Get Away to Cozumel, Mexico

By Shannon Gurnee
In Caribbean
February 15, 2017

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On our most recent cruises (last summer), Frank and I cruised on the Carnival Conquest. It was a really nice ship and we had a lot of fun, as well as relaxed a bunch on our trip. One of the ports we stopped in was Cozumel, Mexico. While I took Geography in high school, I honestly didn’t even realize that Cozumel was in the Caribbean! I knew it was in Mexico, but didn’t put everything together (duh – *head smack)! Isla Cozumel is actually Mexico’s largest island and is located in the western Caribbean. Pretty crazy, right?

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

When we got off the ship, we were greeted by different individuals wanting to take pictures with the guests. We took a picture in front of the main Carnival sign, but passed on the rest of the photo opps. As we passed through the gates, officially entering the city of Cozumel, we noticed a sign that had the ship’s departure time on it. You do not want to get to the ship at this time, but you do want to get there before. The ship WILL leave without you! And I have to admit, we do watch before departure to see if there are any stragglers running to get on the ship. We’ve seen some pretty close to getting left behind, but nobody running to get in as we pulled away….yet!

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

Anyways, on to our experience in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico (in the Caribbean). Prior to sailing, Frank booked an excursion for us and it was awesome! It was so great that we both agreed that we would do it again in a heartbeat without any hesitation whatsoever! So what was this awesome excursion that we went on? 

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

It started out with a 30-minute ride on the 1,000-horsepower Twister speedboat. Please keep in mind that this isn’t any speedboat, but rather a speedboat that performs thrilling twists and 360-degree turns moving up to 50 mph. It was awesome! And you will get wet! Very wet! But it is so much fun! Everyone was a little nervous at first, but by the end of the ride, we were all cheering, laughing and smiling!

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

                                                                                         Image courtesy of Carnival.

After our 30-minute ride on the Twister boat, we headed to Isla Pasión, a tiny island off the north coast of Cozumel. When we arrived at the island, we were greeted by our tour guide. We also had the opportunity to take a picture in front of the Isla Pasión sign. Unfortunately, I put our picture in a really safe place and can’t find it now (oops).

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

Our tour guide was really sweet and gave us instructions as far as where the bathrooms were, what was included in our stay, what group we were in and what time we needed to meet up to head back to the port to be in time for our departure. It wasn’t too big of an island, so I didn’t foresee us heading off too far and missing our trip off the island. 

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

One of the things that was a real selling point of Isla Pasión was the open bar (yes – Rum Punch!) and all-y0u-can-eat buffet, not to mention the gorgeous view and weather. It was really nice because we were one of the first people on the island, which meant we had first dibs on where we wanted to sit and hang out for our stay. We chose a swinging bed (that’s what it looked like) that had a bamboo roof. It was so relaxing!!! We even met a really nice woman with her family (who I still keep in contact with on Facebook) who was on the Disney cruise. She kept trying to convince me to try the Sex on the Beach drink, but my favorite was still the Rum Punch – ha ha!

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

After enjoying a drink, Frank and I were greeted by one of the massage therapists on the island. He was offering a “sample” of the massages with the hopes that you would head over and purchase one. It worked and didn’t take too much convincing either! He was not one of the actual massage therapists who gave us the massage, but was definitely a good salesman – ha ha! We love getting massages at the different ports when we cruise.

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

After the “sampling” of the massage (that just cracks me up), we headed over to the area where they were giving massages and signed up for two massages (one for each of us). Oh my gosh, it was so relaxing! In fact, I almost fell asleep I was relaxed! The fragrances were relaxing and we had a fan blowing on us to cool us down (also relaxing). 

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

After getting our massages, we were both pretty hungry and thirsty. So we headed over to the buffet and picked up some delicious tacos, rice, homemade tortilla chips and more Rum Punch! I loved the homemade pico de gallo salsa that I added to my tacos. It’s making my mouth water just writing about it!

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

There were lots of activities to do. We saw that kids were having a blast on the water toys on the beach and in the water, as well as the parents who were dancing to music and playing games. You can also fly kites, toss frisbees, play volleyball or take the kids to the Ewan-O Club for free play and organized games like musical chairs. Also available was an open-air marketplace, where you could shop for gifts like silver jewelry and handcrafted Mexican pottery. 

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

At the end of our fun and relaxing afternoon, it was time to gather and head back to Cozumel on the Twister boat again. I would strongly recommend that about an hour before you leave, you either stop drinking or go pee a lot. Because it’s not just a boat ride to the port. They did some more 360-degree spins in the water. It was a lot of fun, but you could definitely tell who didn’t go to the bathroom before we left the island and the open bar – ha ha!

#Travel #Florida #Caribbean #Cruise #Cruising #Carnival #letsgocarnival #caribbean #travel #travelbloggers #travelblogger #blogger

As I said before, we really loved this excursion and would definitely book it again. I highly recommend it if you’re traveling to Cozumel!

Have you been on the Twister boat before?

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32 Responses to “Get Away to Cozumel, Mexico”

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  2. Destany says:

    It sounds like you have a great time! My family isn’t much in the travel state of mind – we rarely got anywhere haha

  3. Dogvills says:

    What a wonderful time you both had. My family loves the beach and we try to go a few times during summer.

  4. Lynndee says:

    What a beautiful resort. It reminds me of my home country. I think I would pass riding the twister boat. I’d say yes over and over again to the massage though.

  5. My Teen Guide says:

    wow looks like you had a lot of fun! i love to travel and i think this will be on my bucket list.

  6. uprunforlife says:

    We cruised on the Carnival Conquest in 2008 for our honeymoon. Mexico was our favorite stop too. We did the speed boat excursion and it was a ton of fun. They took us to a private island too but there wasn’t anything out there. We got to see live starfish. It was so amazing. I want to go back to Mexico one of these days.

  7. Joseph says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Massage and great food on the beach sounds wonderful! Mexico looks like a fun spot to visit!

  8. Echo says:

    This looks like pure awesomeness! I need a vacation like this! I have never been on a twister boat, but I would love to try one!

  9. Sapana V says:

    Wow. You surely have a great tip. I am not very much aware of Cozumel but it sounds a happening place.

  10. Brandi Dawn says:

    This is wonderful! It looks like you had a great time. And you look very happy!

  11. oh wow this looks amazing. you captured some great moments, but i have to say that Twister speedboat is so up my alley. wowsers

  12. OMG, this looks amazing. I wouldn’t mind escaping to there right now and just chilling with hubby.

  13. Julie Wood says:

    It looks like so much fun to go to Cozumel in Mexico. I love the speed boat ride. It looks like so much fun and the massage. I want one of those. I would love to go on a Cruise and see Mexico!

  14. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    Sounds like an awesome time. Cozumel is one of my favorite destinations.

  15. I absolutely adore Cozumel. We’ve been there several times, and it never gets old.

  16. Vera Sweeney says:

    Cozumel is one of the beset places to go in Mexico. Everything about it is gorgeous, and there’s so much to do!

  17. Bill Sweeney says:

    Cozumel is one of those spots that you go on vacation and find it very hard to leave. The last time we were down there, my wife and I seriously considered moving.

  18. Cacinda says:

    I am glad you guys had a great time on your vacation! That speedboat looks like a blast, I would have been so nervous on it.

  19. Meagan says:

    That looks amazing. I would love that massage about now.

  20. monica says:

    What an incredible trip and photo story! I’m vacation dreaming now!

  21. Theresa says:

    That twister boat looks frightening and thrilling! What an awesome excursion. I could definitely see my hubby and I enjoying a trip to Cozumel!

  22. What an amazing place packed with awesome adventures and experiences. I love to travel, and going to the beach, and enjoying the water is always a winner in my book. Hope to see you soon, Cozumel!

  23. We’ve been to Cozumel a few times and its amazing! We didn’t do anything much except lay on the beach, but that massage and that boat ride look like something we need to do next time for sure!

  24. Jeanine says:

    Yes, Please! Would love to do something like this. It looks amazing. Cozumel would be an amazing trip to take!

  25. Kita Bryant says:

    It sounds like this was a ton of fun. We often skip a lot of the photo ops as well.

  26. We haven’t wanted to visit Mexico for the longest time now! You just reminded me of why!

  27. We absolutely loved Cozumel when we went there. Of all the places in the Caribbean that we have visited, this is the one place that we can’t wait to go back and visit again.

  28. Crystal says:

    That looks like heaven! I would much rather go somewhere tropical on vacation. Need to make plans to go to Cozumel.

  29. Kiwi says:

    I love Carnival. This will be my third year going I would love to visit Cozumel.

  30. Looks like you had a great time. I’d be too scared to ride on the twister boat ride. I would be all about the massage thought. LOL

  31. Amanda Love says:

    It sure looks like an amazing place to vacation in! I could use some vacation right now and this will be perfect!

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