How Homeselfe Can Help Save You Money on Your Home

By Shannon Gurnee
In App Review
March 1, 2016


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With a big family, we are always looking for ways to save money. We use coupons, look for discounts when traveling or making big purchases and buy in bulk to save money. While we think about using coupons and buying in bulk or at discounted rates, how often do we think about saving money on the thing that is such a big part of our life – our home?

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

I just recently discovered an app called Homeselfe (pronounced “Home Selfie”). It’s an app that helps you save money with a free evaluation on your home’s energy inefficiencies and provides you solutions to them. This is really cool because it’s free while a normal energy audit done professionally can cost a few hundred dollars.

What can a #Homeselfe do for you?

  • Save you $$$ on your energy bills
  • View your home energy rating
  • Find quality contractors
  • Access rebates

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

Homeselfe is fun, easy, and free! Homeselfe has worked in partnership with local, state, and the nation’s largest public utilities to develop a tool that is easy to use, free, and gets results for your home—and your wallet. With a patent pending technology in the form of a free app, HomeSelfe allows you to create a digital mock up of your home with a simple questionnaire you can answer at your own pace. Once your Homeselfe is complete, you’ll instantly receive a free, easy-to-read report that provides a clear picture of your home’s energy efficiency, where you need to improve, and what upgrades take priority.

Homeselfe also helps you take action. It connects you with qualified local contractors, and provide information on special offers and rebates provided by your local government, so you can quickly earn money back on your upgrades, and start reaping the long-term benefits sooner.

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

How do I take a Homeselfe?

The first thing you need to do is add the Homeselfe app on your phone (you can find it in your phone’s app store). The next thing you’ll want to do is register for a free account. After registering, you’ll receive an email with your user name and password. You can then log in and start your Homeselfe!

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

You’ll start out by entering in some information, including your address (including city, state, zip code), phone number, what type of home you live in, how many square feet your home is, how many bedrooms there are and a few other questions about your home. One of the questions that threw me off was LPC. I didn’t know what to put and there weren’t multiple answers I could choose from. LPC stands for Local Power Company (your electricity provider).

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

Once you answer the questions, you’ll be directed to a screenshot of a house. You’ll click on the different sections (attic, bedrooms, living rom, bathroom, basement) where you’ll answer different questions. For instance, do you have ENERGY STAR appliances in the different areas of your home.

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

After you’ve answered the questions, you’ll see a report of how much you could save annually and over a lifetime on your home. There will also be an area you can click on to Get Free Consultations on the services and appliances that could save you money on your home.

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

#Homeselfe #Savings #ad

Homeselfe is a great app! I encourage you to check it out and see how you can save money on your home!

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