Scary Poppins Comes to Life at The Great American Melodrama

By Shannon Gurnee
In California
November 16, 2014

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO 

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

Each month, a group of us girls get together and go out for a Girl’s Night Out!  It is so much fun!  Originally our group was formed to play Bunco, but with everyone’s busy schedules, it became really difficult to do.  After a few months, we were all missing our monthly get-togethers and decided to start a regular Girl’s Night Out each month.  We would take turns hosting the Girl’s Night Out and could choose to have it at our home, go to a movie, go to a dinner….the possibilities were endless!

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

This month, we decided to go to The Great American Melodrama in Oceano, California.  If you’ve visited the Central Coast, you’ve probably heard of it.  It’s a pretty big deal here and if you’ve ever seen it, you would know why!  Since I hadn’t really been getting all dolled up for the past few Girl’s Nights Out, I figured I would make this a special exception (ha ha!)!  I even put hot curlers in my hair.  Ok, so I need to work on that a little bit, but I think the girls enjoyed the experience of watching me try to curl my hair.

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO 

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO 

My sister, my friend and I decided to carpool to The Great American Melodrama.  We met up with 5 other ladies at the theater and all went in together.  The tickets were ordered online and we were able to pick them up at the Will Call window.  As soon as we found our seats, we headed over to the Snack Bar.  The Snack Bar was actually manned by the performers themselves and closed about 10 minutes prior to showtime.  It would open up again for both Intermissions.  We ordered pretzels, popcorn, nachos and beer.  It was good!

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

#Melodrama #CentralCoast #GirlsNight #GNO

The show was awesome!  There was acting, singing and dancing, as well as a vaudeville performance at the end.  Scary Poppins was so good!  Young Jack and Jill Peabody live in Victoria London with nutty inventor, widowed father.  When the children write to everyone’s favorite Super Nanny (and accidentally misspell it), they get “Scary Poppins” instead!  Scary Poppins is the bizarre twin sister of Mary Poppins who takes Jack and Jill on crazy adventures and finds a special place in their family and hearts.  It’s definitely a fun show that is great for the entire family!  

A big thanks to The Great American Melodrama for an awesome experience!

Have you been to The Great American Melodrama before?  
Do you have something like it where you live? 

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7 Responses to “Scary Poppins Comes to Life at The Great American Melodrama”

  1. Caroline says:

    We had such a great time! I think our monthly girls night out is well worth it! It’s so fun and important to keep up with your girlfriends.

  2. Mariam Shah says:

    Such a fun night! I try to get there a few times a year but don’t go nearly enough. Amazing to have such talented actors working ten minutes from my house!! Oh, and you girls are great too 🙂

  3. Grace Hodgin says:

    This really sounds like a fun production and I hope I get to see one in my area. I love going to a things like this and I can tell you all had a great time. I’ll have to start a once a month girls night out too. You have inspired me.

  4. What a fun twist on Mary Poppins! I love going for a Girls Night Out with my friends. We try to get together once a month which is harder than it seems.

  5. katrina g says:

    I love this! i’m sure it was a blast. I would love to see this with my girls!

  6. Debi says:

    I have never been to something like that before, but it certainly seems like fun.

  7. Melanie K. says:

    This looks like a wonderful time!! I would love to see this melodrama!

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