No More Sickness Please!

By Shannon Gosney
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February 1, 2011
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You probably remember that earlier in January, all 3 boys had the flu and then I had it.  Well, it hit me again this past week, which explains my disappearance from The Mommy-Files.  I’ll tell ya….with being a mommy to 3 boys, Team Mom for Basketball, Den Leader for Cub Scouts, and a full-time student, it definitely makes life very difficult when you top it off with the stomach flu.  Yuck!

I’ve had several people ask if I had the flu shot, but the thing is the flu shot doesn’t even cover this kind of flu!  Boo!!!  Yesterday, even though I wasn’t feeling that great, I went to my classes anyways.  I was fine during my first class, although I felt really cold.  However, I was worried I wasn’t gonna make it through my second class without running to the bathroom and getting sick.  Thankfully, I made it through the class.

I even stopped at See’s Candies and picked up a gift for my stepmom’s birthday today.  You know I’m sick when I don’t even eat the sample or get anything for myself while in See’s Candies.  Me….turn away chocolate… it possible?  YES!  When I’m sick!  LOL

Thank goodness I’m feeling better today!  Sheww!

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One Response to “No More Sickness Please!”

  1. Kayla says:

    Aw Shannon, that totally sucks that you got it AGAIN O.o
    I’ve been hit with the flu/cold too, but thankfully I’m doing better-I just hope that we both are immune to everything going around from now on {wishful thinking huh?}.
    I hope you continue to feel better!

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