Vons (Safeway) Home Grocery Delivery

By Shannon Gosney
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October 15, 2010
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I love shopping at Vons!  When I lived in Seattle, it was called Safeway.  I had a good relationship with the staff in Seattle, as well as the staff in my home town now, which definitely adds to the shopping experience.  Plus, it definitely helps that I love shopping for groceries!

I was given the opportunity to try online grocery shopping with Vons, but it was not available in my hometown.  Since I couldn’t try it out myself, I shared the opportunity with a friend I grew up with (permission granted by Safeway).  She was given a gift card to use towards a grocery purchase via the Safeway online grocery shopping site.  Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“It was definitely a different experience doing online shopping versus physically going into the store to shop.  I personally wouldn’t online grocery shop again just because it was time consuming.  It took me over an hour to go over everything that they had available to buy, and if you have children or other distractions you are having to stop and then after a certain period of time it automatically logs you out.  It was a little frustrating at times.  I did notice that the prices on the items online seemed a little higher.  There was so much to look over and I think that it’s much easier, for myself anyway, to physically be able to see what I am buying.  It’s a lot harder to judge on the fresh fruit or meat if the product is good or not.  Since I did buy over $50.00 in groceries I was able to get free shipping.  Shipping prices varied by the time of day you wanted your groceries delivered.  Some of the items that I did request to purchase were out of stock, so Vons asked if they could substitute them for another brand or different size, which I thought was polite.

In closing, I think the online grocery shopping idea is a good one, just not for me.  You really need to have an excessive amount of time to be able to site at your computer and shop.  This is probably a great idea if you absolutely hate going to the grocery store, if your life is so busy or you live on your computer, or if you have a personal shopper then you would be the perfect person for this type of grocery shopping.”

I would like to thank Christina for trying out the online grocery shopping through Vons and for sharing her honest opinion.  I tried online grocery shopping once and also found it challenging when it came to ordering fresh produce and meats.  I think it is still a service I would try out if it was available in my area, however, I too enjoy walking down the aisles and looking at the products in my hands before purchasing them.  I think that for the person who is too busy to make it to the grocery store or dislikes going to the grocery stores, this is definitely a great option for him or her.

Be sure to check out Vons online and see if home delivery is available where you live!

Vons provided gift cards for myself and Christina to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. JenC says:

    Here are my 2cents…. I used to use the Safeway.com online shopping all the time. I was so busy driving my son back and forth to various places and then had to get him home for naptimes and shopping trips seemed to be more of a stressor than an enjoyment (yeah… i know. Grocery shopping and “enjoyment” is not a normal combo but it was absolutely NOT enjoyable.) So, I just wanted to let you know that the only draw back was that I couldn’t use my coupons. The upside was that from time to time Safeway.com (or Vons or Dominicks….) would offer their own discount coupons from time to time. Sometimes $5 off or sometimes free delivery. I can tell you from my own personal experience that their delivery staff was always very professional and conscientious. And that the staff that picked out the produce always brought me wonderful product. I don’t know that I ever saw a bruised or spoiled item.
    Also, for those that are new to online shopping Safeway saves your shopping lists so that when you return for future shopping trips it is easier to find the items that you have purchased in the past. Now that my son is older and is in school all day I have plenty of time to run my own errands. I dream of returning to the days gone by and let someone else do my grocery shopping but I can’t seem to justify it. (without letting my husband tease me about sitting on the couch watching tv and eating bonbons all day. *wink*)

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