Hallmark Cards Review & Giveaway

By Shannon Gosney
In Giveaways
October 2, 2009


I love Hallmark Cards. I am so impressed by the many themes they carry! I remember shopping for Hallmark cards with my parents when I was younger. I loved looking at the different cards they offered! I also love them as an adult. I was excited to receive some great cards from Hallmark.

I received some musical cards, which are great because when you open them up, music plays, or you can personalize it by recording a message. My kids love the musical cards, as do I!

Hallmark card 1

I also received some cards from a new line by Hallmark called “Edge of Motherhood.” I was very impressed by these! As moms, there are moments we experience that can only be fully appreciated by other moms. To help encourage one another through the day-to-day challenges of motherhood, as well as give a few laughs along the way, Hallmark has come out with this new line of humor cards.

A recent national survey commissioned by Hallmark revealed two-thirds of moms say they handle the imperfect moments of motherhood by sharing funny stories with other moms about their experiences, and that 8 in 10 moms turn to each other for candid, empathetic, and unapologetic support and reassurance that “we are all in this together.” Ideally, these new, edgy humor cards will help moms share a laugh, connect with one another and celebrate motherhood — and they start at just 99 cents.

For kids, Hallmark’s new collection of encouragement cards for kids are designed to help parents provide an extra boost of confidence for kids as they experience “everyday” moments – whether it’s the first day of school, taking a test or trying out for a team. The cards incorporate humor and heartfelt messages to help adults show support, pride and give a special child a boost of confidence. (Some of the cards include originally recorded sound clips too, which play when a child opens the card!) These cards start at 99 cents, and the encouragement cards with sound retail for $2.99.

Both collections of cards are available at select Hallmark Gold Crown stores and other retailers where Hallmark cards are sold. And some styles of the “Edge of Motherhood” cards are available online – full collection is only in stores.


Thanks to Hallmark, 5 lucky readers on The Mommy-Files will receive 5 Edge of Motherhood cards and 5 Kid Encouragement Cards!!!


– Visit Hallmark’s site and tell me in a comment which Edge of Motherhood is your favorite!!


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– Contest will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on October 16th, 2009!  Any entries after this time will be deleted!

– Contest open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

I was provided with samples of the musical cards, as well as Edge of Motherhood and Childhood Encouragement cards, from Hallmark so that I could write an honest review of the products.

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  1. Shannon Baas says:

    I like the before and after kids.

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  3. sandy says:

    do as i said not as i did

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  5. Linda Kish says:

    I like the you’re a Mom; Just go with it card.

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  7. Jonnie H says:

    I love the Before & After Kids card.

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  9. etirv says:

    I like this card:
    Any Mom/ Mom to Mom
    Before & After Kids
    Edge of Motherhood
    5×7 Folded Card

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  12. jeanine says:

    i love the “you can call me anytime” card!

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    i have your button

  15. Veronica Murillo says:

    Loved the Before and After Kids….that’s totally me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Julie Cutshaw says:

    main entry: my favorite is the Mom to Mom
    You Can Always Call Me
    Edge of Motherhood

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  19. Julie Cutshaw says:

    I Tweeted about this giveaway thanks!
    itsallnew2me 5 WINNERS can win from Hallmark 5 Edge of Motherhood cards &5 Kid Encouragement Cards at http://www.themommy-files.com

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  22. Patti Hess says:

    I LOVE the Mom to Mom one that sounds sooo like me and my best friend

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  25. franticmommy says:

    Love the Mom To Mom: You’re a Mom. Go with it” card. I can think of tons of Moms I’d love to send that too!

  26. Christine W says:

    I like the Mom of Teen, Do As I Say, Not Did Hallmark card. Of course, I am a sucker for Hallmark cards and would find a way to use all of them.

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  32. Noreen says:

    Before & After Kids, the picture is classic

  33. Erica C. says:

    I think the Boobs! card is funny 🙂 Thanks!

  34. Kristie says:

    I like the Any Mom/Mom to Mom No “Bad Mommy” Moments card- too funny!

  35. I like the “don’t you think that top is a little low” top as I’ve been having this problem a lot lately where I’m yanking up m y top while out in public

  36. Terra Heck says:

    My favorite is the Before & After Kids card. Thanks.

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  39. Monique Rizzo says:

    The before and after kids is hysterical!! Thanks for the chance.

  40. I like the Mom’s Food Pyramid Card!

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  43. Crystal Allen says:

    the Before and After Kids is my fave, clallen at ntin dot net

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  47. hollowsins says:

    I like youre a mom..just go with it

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  49. I love the Mother-to-be “Awesome boobs” card–too funny!

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  52. Lacey Hall says:

    my favorite is the mom to be ‘something wonderful’ card. very cute!

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    already a blog follower 😉 (laceylovespink)

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  55. angela m says:

    i like the crap i forgot your birthday card

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  58. Brittany says:

    There are some great ones! I like the “you can call me anytime…..there’ll be screaming in the background and I’ll have to hide in a closet….LOL

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  64. brittney says:

    I like the “you don’t look like a mom” card

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  66. Tricia S says:

    I love the Busy With Kids’ Activities….THAT IS SO MY LIFE!!!

  67. Mommy Daisy says:

    I like the “New Mom/New Parents Racing Sperm & Winner Is…” card.

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    I follow you on Twitter. @psmomreviews

  69. AngelFabs says:

    I like the Anyone–Just For Laughs
    Things That Won’t Flush
    Edge of Motherhood
    5×7 Folded Card.

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  73. Angela Floyd says:

    that card is really funny .
    thanks 🙂

  74. Melanie says:

    I love the Before Kids/After Kids card!
    These are too cute.

  75. susan smoaks says:

    Mom to Mom
    Busy With Kids’ Activities
    Edge of Motherhood
    5×7 Folded Card

  76. susan smoaks says:

    following on twitter

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  79. Jeanine says:

    I like the Mother-to-Be Something Wonderful’s Coming Edge of Motherhood card.

  80. lilshuga2001 says:

    Oh how cute!
    I HEART the Mother-to-Be Something Wonderful!! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

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    O, I follow your blog!

  84. Courtney says:

    My favorite is the You Saved my Life Thank you card! I can think of a few people I’d like to send that to 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!


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  86. Deb K says:

    The Belated Crap! I Forgot! Birthday Card is my favorite! 🙂

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  89. kay wolter says:

    always remember Your girlfriends I love cards these are great

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    I am hear for You

  91. Maggie M says:

    My favorite is the Any Mom/Mom to Mom Mom’s Food Pyramid.

  92. Gianna says:

    You saved my life 🙂

  93. Veronica Garrett says:

    Mom to Mom You Can Always Call Me is my favorite.

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